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River Valley Veterinary Center - Our Doctors


Dr. Kimberly Campbell

Once upon a time (long before she was a veterinarian... around 1989), Dr. Campbell told her parents that she wanted to be a "dog doctor" and the rest is history! Dr. Campbell is a Pacific Northwest native but traveled south to Texas A&M for her veterinary degree. She is excited to be part of the Dillard/Winston community and is happy to be working with Douglas High School FFA. Dr. Campbell has *far* too many pet chickens and is embarassingly excited to watch her baby chicks grow up. When she isn't hanging out with her peeps in the chicken yard, she cooks, trains her small herd of puppies, and visits her mom out on the coast.

<== Loki likes treats (wheat free, please), Kongs, and getting his Gremlin Face on. He is also a master of using household objects to make himself appear taller.


Relief Doctors

Occasionally Dr. Campbell needs to be out of town for continuing education and another doctor will be on hand to help you and your pets.

<== Don't tell him that the yoga block doesn't really qualify as "tall!"