River Valley Veterinary Center

8993 Old Highway 99 S
Winston, OR 97496



Unfortunately, due to unexpected circumstances,  
River Valley Veterinary Center will be closing its doors permanently on May 13th. We are happy to send your pets’ records to the clinic of your choice as well as to your personal email. 


To make this transition as efficient as possible, please use the on-screen tool to tell us where you would like your pets’ charts sent or contact us through email with your first and last name as well as the names of your pets and the clinic where you would like the records transferred. 


We have every confidence that our neighboring clinics will do their best to care for our patients. 
Bailey Veterinary Clinic - (541) 673-4403 
Companion Animal Clinic - (541) 673-1345 
Countryside Veterinary Service - (541) 839-6200 


If you are in need of immediate care and our local colleagues are overwhelmed, these clinics are open 24 hours: 
Southern Oregon Veterinary Specialty Center - (541) 282-7711 
Emergency Veterinary Hospital - (541) 746-0112